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Talkeetna, located halfway between Anchorage and Denali National Park, is a great destination all in it's own! Meander through our unique historic village and enjoy our many gift shops and restaurants, or sit back and people watch at the village park or river.

Talkeetna is what most people imagine a small Alaskan town to be, fun and funky, and full of wild variety of characters! It is definitely known as the liberal strong hold of the state, and some say it was the inspiration for the TV series Northern Exposure.

Talkeetna has an outstanding panoramic view of the Alaska Range and is the best spot to view and photograph Denali - the big one, so have your cameras ready!!

So what does Talkeetna mean?

It is an Indian word reputed to mean "the joining of the rivers" or "plentiful river", depending on the tribe.
The village of Talkeetna was established in 1896 as a railroad outpost and gold mining village, and has only had road access for 40 some odd years. Be sure to check out the historic buildings and museums that tell about life back in the day. The three rivers that meet in Talkeetna are the Susitna, Chulitna and Talkeetna.

Activities and Festivals

Mountain Climbing:
DENALI: The highest mountain in North America, Mt. McKinley has been the goal of aspiring high altitude climbers since it was first climbed in 1913. Its reputation as a highly coveted summit derives from its location near the Arctic Circle and the Pacific Ocean giving it some of the most ferocious weather in the world. Because of its weather and ease of access, some climbers use McKinley as a training ground for climbing the 8,000 meter peaks of the Himalayas, including Everest.

Mount Foraker, or Sultana as it is known by the Athabascans, stands proudly as Denali's wife. At 17,400 feet it is the sixth highest mountain in North America. Sultana was renamed in honor of Ohio senator Joseph Foraker in 1899 by Joseph Herron. Like Denali, Mount Foraker has a north and south summit at 17,400 ft. (5304m) and 16,810 ft. (5124m) respectively.  

THE MOOSES TOOTH: The Mooses Tooth is a popular "hard mountain" in the Denali area. It's located on the east side of the Great Gorge of the Ruth Glacier. While the altitude is not great, especially considering its huge neighbor Denali, the Mooses Tooth stands out for its stark vertical walls, elevator-shaft like couloirs and razorblade ridges. There are no "walk-ups" on this mountain; all routes require substantial technical climbing and have considerable objective danger. The mountain is a popular test piece for high-level climbers and compared to other mountains in Alaska, you don't always get the same solitude as you would somewhere else; in other words, in prime season and good weather you may be sharing your route with another party or two.

Alaska Fishing
If you love fishing Talkeetna is your destination. You can enjoy world-class fishing in and around Talkeetna Alaska. Talkeetna is located at the confluence of the Talkeetna River and the Susitna River. The Talkeetna River is part of the Susitna River drainage system, which boasts the second largest run of migrating fish in world. Depending on the season, you can fish for five species of salmon, including king salmon, sockeye salmon, chum salmon, pink salmon and coho salmon, in addition to rainbow trout, dolly varden and arctic grayling.

Cycling the Talkeetna area is Alaska's premier destination. Denali National Park is within reach. Plan your day trips using the Talkeetna Hostel as your home base biking and hiking through three of Alaska's most impressive mountain ranges. Enjoy rugged and breathtaking cycling with miles and miles of untrammeled wilderness that will challenge your sense of space.

Kennel Tours & Summer Dog Mushing trips
Have a unique Alaskan adventure in the land of the Midnight Sun!
We can arrange custom kennel tours & summer mushing trips with Iditarod Musher, Jerry Sousa. Just 30 minutes north of Iditarod Headquarters and the sled dog capital of the world. Call for details at 907 733-4678.

Village Park
There is always something going on in the Village Park. It's where people meet, play boccia or badminton or simply enjoy the sun. The new "Live at 5" series draws a lot of folks to the park. Every Friday from 5 pm - 7 pm you get to enjoy live music on the Village Park's little stage. For more info go to ktna.org.

Annual KTNA Labor Day Weekend Art Auction September
Features dozens of original pieces in a variety of mediums from approximately fifty local artists. Fine art sold at live auction. Dozens of silent auction items. Live local jazz musicians, food, wine, etc. Winning ticket for the KTNA Summer Raffle pulled - Hawaii Tickets and more! At Sheldon Community Arts Hangar. Tickets and other info available at KTNA Radio, phone 907-733-1700

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